What is a 'Herb'?

What is a 'Herb'?

What makes a plant a herb?

For most of us, if asked, we would have some idea of what is meant by ‘herb’. The majority of people would define a herb as a plant with edible qualities and would likely cite the most common herb quartet of Parsley, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme.

Of course these four well known culinary essentials are herbs, but the actual definition of herb covers a great deal of plants far beyond the average kitchen cupboard.


By definition, a herb is a plant that can be used in foods, flavours, perfumes and medicines. Whether aromatic or good for the health, herbs are very useful plants. This definition stretches across a wide array of exciting and often overlooked plants; some which may be growing in your back garden.

I have always had a keen interest in the flora local to me,and know my Cowslips from my Cow Parsley, but I never stop learning when it comes to plants and how they can help us. I have been fascinated to discover and experiment with some amazing plants; some which are often disregarded as weeds or some so common they often go unnoticed.

Herbs for Beauty

Each plant I use in my products is a herb and each with its own unique and helpful qualities. The benefits I have found from switching to a herbal beauty regime has been a game changer for me and I hope you will find the same too.

The world of herbs is vast and learning all the attributes of each and every herb is near on impossible, but I hope I can help inform and illustrate how herbs can help and will feature ‘herb profile’ posts in this blog which will help to explain the knowledge behind the ingredients I use.

I believe one should have a good understanding of what ingredients go into their cosmetics and that an honest and straightforward approach should be applied. These posts will do just that.

Herbal Beauty is not a minefield and by sharing this knowledge with you, I hope that I can help you with your move to a natural herbal skincare routine.

Holly xx

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