Herb Profile_ Frankincense

Herb Profile_ Frankincense

Frankincense (Boswellia Carterii)

Frankincense Benefits

Frankincense Benefits

Frankincense Benefits: Astringent, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-septic

Frankincense Uses_ Anti-ageing, Skin Toning, Stress Relief

What is Frankincense?

Why is it associated with Christmas and why is it so good in beauty products?

Frankincense – the very name conjures up a sense of the mysterious, spiritual and magical.

A coveted and even holy ingredient, perhaps most famously associated with the story of the birth of Jesus Christ; Frankincense is associated with the birth of Christ celebrated at Mass; hence the name Christmas. As it is reported in Matthew 2_11, it was one of the three gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men some two thousand years ago along with Gold and myrrh. Frankincense was given as a gift most likely as a perfume and it was also believed to ward off evil spirits and snakes.

Frankincense is a resin created from the sap of the Boswellia tree that grows in Africa, India and the Middle East.

Since ancient times, this potent, woody and slightly citrus scented resin has been utilised for an array of medicinal properties and well as more esoteric uses.

A common incense used in spiritual rituals including the Catholic Mass and used in Arabic Wedding and Birth Ceremonies, Frankincense creates a deep and musky aroma that is said to cleanse a sacred space. Used in many cultures, the resin is burnt to heighten one’s intuition and enhance a meditative state.

Magic and spiritualism aside, scientific studies have shown that the scent of Frankincense can alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Its not just the pleasant aroma that can improve well-being. Frankincense is a powerful anti inflammatory, promotes cellular function, and helps increase blood circulation. There have even been studies into the plant’s cancer curing properties.

It’s anti-ageing qualities are well known.  As an anti inflammatory it can help reduce redness and can reduce discolouration and even skin tone. Age spots, scars and imperfections can be reduced with the application of Frankincense. Astringent qualities help tighten and tone the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Frankincense is a great ally when it comes to skincare!

I am a great fan of Frankincense. Its enchanting fragrance is a great mood booster.

Its skincare qualities make it a firm favourite at The Ilex Wood and can be found in our Rose and Frankincense Face Cream and our delightful Rose and Frankincense Face Serum.

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Rose and Frankincense Face Cream

Rose and Frankincense Face Serum

Rose and Frankincense Gift Set

Rose and Frankincense Gift Set

What could be a more perfect Christmas present than the Rose and Frankincense Gift Set therefore to give those wanted anti-ageing properties and most apt this time of year!

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