Herb Profile_ Calendula

Herb Profile_ Calendula

Calendula Benefits_

Anti inflammatory, Anti bacterial, anti fungal, lymphatic, Alterative

Calendula Uses_

Inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, burn relief, itch relief, acne, insect bites and stings.

About Calendula_

Calendula is the ultimate skin soother. Pretty much any skin ailment can benefit from the topical application of Calendula.

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Calendula Benefits

The uses of Calendula

Calendula, sometimes known as Pot Marigold, is a cheery yellow or orange bloom that’s sunny disposition brightens up many a garden. It is easy to grow, and its edible petals are a tasty addition to any salad. Their bitter taste stimulates the liver and aids digestion making this plant useful to anyone suffering from indigestion.

Its alterative qualities act as a blood cleanser and when taken as a tea or tincture can help with menstruation.

But it is Calendula’s skin healing properties that make it such a popular herb and it is a commonly used plant within many beauty products including many of mine!

There are not many skin issues that cannot be helped by Calendula. From burns and bites, scuffs and scrapes Calendula is the go-to herb for skin healing. It is a favourite of sufferers of eczema and dermatitis and combined with an emollient can soften the driest of skin.

Calendula is more than just a great aid for skin problems; teeming with antioxidants, it can also brighten skin’s complexion making it a welcome ingredient to any facial products.

Its gentle qualities make it safe and easy to use and sensitivities to the plant are very rare so can be used on almost all skin types.

Several of my products use Calendula infused oil and its versatile nature makes it a great all rounder.

Calendula Salve is a must have for any household and will become a multipurpose staple. Use it as a moisturiser or cleansing balm to brighten one’s skin or apply it to dry or itchy skin for quick relief and healing.

Here are products from The Ilex Wood range that contain Calendula_

Calendula Salve

Boo Boo Balm - Herbal Healing Salve Thinking of growing some Calendula yourself? Here is a helpful link on how to grow Calendula
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